SMP and Hairline Types

Achieve the hairline that you desire. SMP can change your look & life!

The Different Scalp Micropigmentation Hairlines Scalp micropigmentation is a revolutionary micro tattoo technique for the scalp that is aimed at helping people with either partial or complete hair-loss, to regain the youthful look of having thick and full hair. Although it is mostly used by men, women also benefit from the procedure.It requires the tattooing of hair follicle look-alikes on all areas of the scalp with little or no hair, in order to achieve the look. People with thinning hair can retain their hair after treatment, but for those with male-pattern baldness, the rest of the hair will have to be shaved off in order to achieve the desired cosmetic look. “We can really perfect any hairline or style with scalp micropigmentation,” Renata Pruszewski, master artist in Scalp Aesthetics in Hamilton, Ontario says. “Men or women who need density, alopecia clients, scarring, there really isn’t a case I haven’t seen walk through my doors.”

blog-hairlinesBenefits of the Procedure

There are many benefits to micro-pigmenting the scalp. For certain people who are very appearance conscious, the partial or full loss of hair can pose quite serious psychological and emotional problems. The benefits of micropigmentation in this situation include:
– No medication needed at all
– The procedure is usually affordable
– No surgery is needed
– It requires minimal maintenance
A micropigmentation procedure can also be used to conceal scalp scars like accident scars or scars from hair transplants and other medical procedures.

The Different Hairlines

When using a micropigmentation procedure to achieve a fresh, younger look, there are a lot of hairline options available. The technician’s job is to create a believable artwork and this makes it important that the client’s original hairline is recreated as authentically as possible. Sometimes, a client will request an un-fitting or out of the ordinary style, or may complain about a hairline right after the scalp micropigmentation procedure, this makes it necessary that both client and technician go over the details and reach a hairline agreement before proceeding. Following are the different applicable hairlines.

Natural or Broken Hairlines

A natural or broken hairline is any hairline that does not have a straight edge. They are usually uneven because the hair follicles grow higher in some areas and lower in other areas. Most people’s hairlines are this way and although younger clients may desire a more straight, but unnatural hairline, the natural or broken hairline can be used in producing amazing effects on a client’s scalp using micropigmentation. A perfect example would be the re-creation of youthful hairline on a matured, lighter-skinned client with a wide face. In this situation, one would be cautioned to use a natural, but soft hairline to avoid attracting attention.

blog-aa-men-2The Soft or Lightweight Hairline

A soft hairline, also known as feathered, faded or gradient hairline is any hairline that is done in such a way that there is no visible line or boundary between hair and no hair at all. The pigmentation slowly fades into the forehead and creates a rather cool but non-attention seeking effect. Soft hairlines are more fitting to lighter-skinned clients as the contrast of light skin and dark hair follicles makes it possible to achieve the effect. On the other hand, it is difficult to create the feathered effect on darker skinned clients, but a soft hairline can still be useful during certain scalp micropigmentation procedures on such clients.

The Hard or Sharp Edge Hairline

The hard or sharp edge hairline is any hairline that appears straight and well defined, and does not deviate from the apparent border-line. It is popular among darker-skinned clients and can be used to create really amazing effects. It is also used in defining straight and curved hairlines for younger, trendy clients.

The Flat or Straight Hairline

A flat or straight hairline, also referred to as edge-up, is any hairline that traces a straight line across the forehead and then downwards to the ears. It is a very common type of hairline and is easy to reproduce using micropigmentation. For younger, trendy clients, a hard or sharp edge can be used to properly define the hairline and give it that statement-look. More matured clients can use a soft fade with the flat hairline and will still get a lovely hair style.

The Curved Hairline

The curved hairline is any type of hairline which curves away from the middle of the forehead, either upwards or downwards. There are many different types and shapes of curved hairlines and they can be reproduced in micropigmentation, either with a soft or a hard hairline. A soft hairline will not only make a curved hairline inconspicuous, it also gives it a natural beauty while a sharp edge will give a curved hairline an un-natural but very cool and modern look. Any style of curved hairline can practically be created by the technician, but it is important to make sure that it matches the client’s facial structure.

blog-hairlines-2The Widow’s Peak

The widow’s peak is any hairline that has a V-shaped point in the middle of the forehead. There are many possible shapes of widow’s peak hairlines with some being more curved while others are more straight and some being very properly defined, while the others are just faint. Depending on the severity of hair-loss, a widow’s peak hairline can either be recreated in a scalp micropigmentation procedure or not. Many younger men already opt to reduce the their widow’s peak while turning their hairline into the more trendy straight hairline.

The Receding Hairline

A receding hairline is any hairline that is loosing more hair from the front edge. It usually signals the slow arrival of baldness in men. A receding hairline usually has curves of some sorts, with the center part of the hairline, the area directly above the forehead, more pronounced, while the two areas to its right and left are more receded. In treating hair-loss for clients with a receding hairline, the usual decision is to create a more ‘straight’ hairline with an edge that is much closer to the forehead. Since receding hairlines usually occur in mature clients, there is usually no need in giving the hairline a hard edge, but rather a soft, natural edge is usually the best.

Fashion scars

Fashion scars are intentional designs made to look like scars on a patient’s scalp. They can be done in any direction or style, and may even contain stitches or be crooked. A fashion scar is desired mostly by clients who wish to look a little tougher or rougher than they actually are, and for some people, they really do look awesome.

The Wrap Up

No matter what style of hairline you desire for your micropigmentation procedure, it is always important that you discuss it with the artist, to make sure that the final work done will be well fitted to your facial structure, because that’s what matters the most.