Suffer From Thinning Hair Issues?

Get rid of that thinning hair and discover scalp micropigmentation.

On average, a healthy human being should have at least one hundred and fifty thousand strands of hair on his head. This number of strands should remain consistent throughout the lifespan of a healthy person. When the hair is exposed to pollutants and other harsh conditions, it gets damaged, and this leads to the loss of hair. If the strands of hair on the head are anything less than one hundred thousand, the individual should be concerned.

Rising hair loss concern amongst women

Men are more likely to suffer from loss of hair when aging. However, many women from all over the world suffer from severe hair loss and thinning. Several conditions can cause hair loss. Some of these include exposure to pollution, stress, diseases and health concerns such as vitamin deficiencies.

In the modern market, many hair products are promising to re-grow the hair naturally. However, most of these products are very expensive, and they end up disappointing many people. It can be very depressing and challenging to deal with hair loss, and many people end up making the wrong decisions just to replace the hair. Some surgical procedures also promise to solve the problem, but the risks associated with them are high.

If you are suffering from loss if hair, you do not have to worry anymore. There is some good news for you. There is a procedure known as scalp micropigmentation, and it is changing the lives of many people.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation was started in the 90s, but it managed to gain its popularity in the recent years. This procedure has several names. Some people call it Scalp Tattoo, Medical Hair Line Tattoo, Medical Hairline Restoration or Hair Micro Pigmentation Treatment. The treatment is the similar, regardless of the name it is given.

During the procedure, a fine tattoo needle is used. The needle has the same size and shape of the hair follicle. This needle is used to implant pigmentation in the scalp (visit The human scalp has at least two thousand hair follicles in every square inch, and this means that the person doing the procedure must tattoo thousands of microdots into the scalp. This will give the appearance of a shaved head. At the end of the treatment, the individual’s hair looks natural and beautiful. People who have had the procedure say that it is better and safer compared to hair plugs, hair transplantation, toupee or even wigs. You will heal in several says, and you will not be left with any scars.

Why would I want this treatment?

Regardless of your sex, balding can bring devastating results. If you have this condition, it is easy to have low self-esteem, poor body image and low self- confidence. Balding can also affect your sexuality.

Many people feel embarrassed about having bald spots, thinning hair or any other type of baldness. Many seek for any kind of cure that promises good results at the end of the day. Some people choose to have hair growth serums or hair transplants while others use hair growth shampoos and conditioners. Most of these clients end up disappointed and frustrated.

It is important to embrace the baldness, but do not live with it. Having scalp micropigmentation will give you the look you want. You will have a bold, daring and confident look. People who have had this procedure have shown an increase in self- confidence and high self-esteem.

Can scalp micropigmentation work with longer hair?

Most people who go for this treatment are those who want to cover up their baldness, and they shave their heads regularly. This is one of the main requirements of the treatment. There is a group of people who want to enjoy the benefits of SMP but they do not want to shave their heads. Here are some of the individuals who can benefit from scale micropigmentation and still retain their hair.”We have a lot of clients who went through numerous hair transplant procedures that didn’t get the density they desired,” Jose Santiago who runs Scalp Aesthetics Tampa says,”we give them an underlayment of color beneath their hair giving them the illusion that their hair is more full.”

Men with intact hairline and minor thinning

This group of people has a good share of their hair remaining. The individuals can keep their hair as long as they want. The primary role of the scalp micropigmentation is to shade the scalp and reduce the contrast that exists between the scalp skin and the hair. The procedure will create an illusion of a head with thicker hair.

Individuals who have minor recession of the hairline and fair remaining density

For persons with minor thinning and the hairline has shown signs of receding, it is possible to keep your hair and get the SMP treatment. However, the only caveat is that the individual will have to remain behind their existing hairline to get the best results.

Women with all-over diffuse thinning

For this group of people, the primary aim of the procedure is to shade the scalp to help reduce the contrast between the hair and the color of the scalp. Doing this will reduce the appearance of thinning. The hair will look thicker and beautiful. This idea will work perfectly if you have medium to dark hair.

Those with irregular alopecia

For people suffering from alopecia areata, the bald patches are around the scalp, and they keep changing in size. This means that the whole head must be treated. This way, when the spots disappear, your hair will grow through the treatment.

Is scalp micropigmentation safe?

This treatment is completely safe. However, it is important to ensure that it is carried out by a qualified individual who is skilled and well licensed. Before settling on the artist, consult with family and friends and get reviews. Go for someone who is reputable to be on the safe side.

How much does the Treatment Cost?

The cost of getting this procedure will vary depending on the degree of baldness. Some people will pay $750 while others will have to pay $5000 for a full head. When you decide to have the treatment, go to the office and consult with the professional on the best options. He/she will advise you accordingly and give you an accurate quote. At the end of the day, choose a professional who is reputable and affordable.