How Many SMP Sessions Are Needed?

How many sessions does it take to achieve optimal hair line?

Scalp micropigmentation seems to be the most popular solution for hair loss that has seriously taken the world by storm. It is also referred to as the medical hairline tattoo whereby natural pigments ( are physically applied to your scalp’s epidermal level so as to replicate real hair follicles as needed.

While the procedure is quite effective in providing the results that we all want, there is one little problem that really needs to be sorted out. It is quite unfortunate that despite your efforts to find a real effective solution, there are those selfish fellows who don’t really care much about what others are going through. They are all over giving false information just for their own gain.

How many sessions does the procedure involve?

When you are thinking of having micropigmentation, it is best if you had all the important facts or information about the procedure before you even plan to proceed. For starters, this will help you get familiar of how everything is supposed to go as needed. Being knowledgeable about the subject will also shield you from a lot of the unreliable information that is already out there to confuse and lead you making wrong decisions.

A normal procedure will usually take 3 sessions, for some it may go even up to 5 sessions for severe scarring or creating a lot of density in thin hair. But what is important to understand is that the procedure will usually depend on a person. There are several factors to consider before you can even evaluate how many sessions you will need.

On average; I would say scalp micropigmentaion takes about 3 sessions to make it a perfect procedure, unless otherwise stated. But why are other companies stating that they do it in just one session? This is a very good question that needs to be resolved once and for all. I really don’t enjoy when people are getting ripped due to their desperate situation of the need to save some money by looking for cheap services.

Why are these devious companies preaching of a single procedure?

With such contradicting pieces of information it can get quite confusing especially for a person who has little or no understanding of the subject matter. Just for the record, don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that he can perform the procedure in a single session, keep away from such fellows.

Greed for money: One of the common reasons that you will often hear some companies trying to convince patients to take such misguided route is because they just want your money. Well, the procedure can be costly considering the number of sessions required. So, these so called fraudsters lure patients to take the somehow cheap option that only includes a single session.

Another good ideology for such misconduct is the fact that the company could be having limited resources in a single location and they just want to take in more patients than they can. They figure that it would be more expensive for the patient to fly in for more sessions which will obviously cost the client on tickets. It is quite unfortunate that making huge profits is done at the expense of a desperate situation of another person.

Scalp micropigmentaion process is quite effective if the procedure is done by a professional and done in the right way. To make you understand better, below are some of the few reasons why the procedure needs to be at least three sessions.

Why 3 Sessions!!

Most of the unsuccessful stories or complains about this procedure are actually related to not doing it right. If you really want the best results, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a professional who also cares about giving you an experience you would live to appreciate for a long time.

So as to make everything clear, the micropigmentation process takes about three sessions set seven days apart just because of two main reasons;

1. Healing period for your skin

As you understand, the procedure looks so simple and it would be hard to notice the stress your scalp’s skin is undergoing. In such a case, it may cause severe effects on a person if the procedure is overdone in a single session. This is the main reason why the procedure is done in sessions; to give your epidermal layer time to heal well as required.

2. To perfect the procedure

During this special procedure, your skin should be given time to heal before they can go on to adding more pigment so that the results can be perfect. The proceeding sessions can be regarded as finishing touches to the procedure.

Now that we might be on the same page on such matters, it would be prudent if you had some crucial tips on how you find a genuine, reputable yet professional company that you can rely on to offer you the best procedure.

Successful Procedures -Before committing to a particular company, you would obviously want to know more about them. How many procedures have they completed so far? How successful were they? And what are the previous clients saying about their services?

Number of treatment centers -This is one vital factor anyone should consider before making any decision. For the fact that you really want to save some amount considering the procedure itself is going to cost you, it would be better if you cut on your travel expenses by choosing a company that has established several centers in different places. This way you can be able to visit a center that is nearby you.

Trained personnel -You wouldn’t want unprofessional handling such delicate matters considering the money you are going to spend on the procedure as well.

Scalp Aesthetics is one company that is making a huge difference in offering scalp micropigmentation services as to the expectations of many people. Though they started with a single location in Rochester, they have managed to grow as a company trusted by many and are now boosting of over 100 treatment centers. It is definitely a good recommendation for anyone looking for micropigmentaion services. “We started off just a small company in upstate, NY but our product, our service and procedure has always been in the forefront of our business”, Eric Taylor says from Scalp Aesthetics, “we grew organically by working on cultivating a culture of people who were raving fans of our results”.

All in all, avoid companies that can’t deliver quality procedure. Though it may be cheaper compared to the professional companies, you wouldn’t be happy with the results.