SMP and Laser Hair Removal Options

Bad SMP procedure? Laser Hair removal may be the answer!

The big advantage of scalp micropigmentation over other hair loss solutions is the fact that it’s semi permanent usually lasting 5-7 years. However, there are certain reasons why someone might want to erase this procedure right after it’s done. There are a small amount of people who had the procedure done when they were too young find that the style does not suit them later in their life as the facial features change with age. Other common candidates include people who had low quality procedures done on them typically by untrained permanent makeup artist, tattoo artist or people just doing it for the money. Laser removal clinics are able to erase the pigment on some areas of the scalp and correct it to the satisfaction of a client.

The fact that this procedure can be reversed also enables people who fear more permanent things to give it a try. Whether you want a complete removal or some adjustments, there are different techniques that are available. Laser removal techniques however are the most effective and comfortable methods to remove pigment on the scalp. They are able to breakdown the pigment into tiny particles that are easily gotten rid of by the body.

Types of Lasers used

1. Passive Laser- passive laser treatments are mostly used to remove tattoos in parlors and beauty salons. Unfortunately they are not able to completely remove the ink and hence are used to fade the pigment to a substantial level. This technique is fairly cheap and the machine used is readily available to most people. Passive laser is rarely used in scalp micropigmentation removal but in the rare occasion that someone needs to fade the pigment on their scalp then this is a faster method than waiting for natural fading.

2. Active laser- this is a permanent ink removal technique that breaks down pigment before removal. The machine only works for dark colors and it’s quite expensive. It has no side effects and the scalp looks neat and appealing after.

3. Q-Switched Ruby Laser- this is the first method that was developed to remove tattoos. It is great for removing micro pigment because it’s powerful and can remove ink that is hard to come out. Though it removes dark color very fast and effectively, it is still not able to get rid of any other color.

4. Q-switched Alexandrite Laser- this laser is not only able to remove dark color in a flash, it also removes other colors as fast including green which is very stubborn.It is a safe technique that works quickly but it is fairly costly.

5. Q-switched Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Laser- this is the most powerful Q-switched laser contains potassium titanyl phosphate crystal that doubles up the frequency of the laser light. It is capable of removing the strongest pigmentation because it reaches the deepest parts of the skin tissue. It is visible with a plain human eye and has the fastest wavelength compared to any other laser technique of its kind.

All Q-switched laser techniques are powerful techniques but may not work completely in one session. It’s important to go for a second and even third visit to have perfect results.

6. PicoSure Laser- unlike Q-switched laser that uses heat to break down pigment, PicoSure laser uses pressure. It is measured in pico-seconds and works way faster than any other laser method out there.PicoSure laser also has the great advantage of being less painful and more effective. Unfortunately there are only 18 places where you can find this laser treatment and they are all too expensive for a common person. Because it’s a relatively new technique, its machines are still hard to get and not many people know how to do it.

Cost of Laser 

The cost of removing pigment from the scalp using laser techniques depend on the type, size of the area, color and sessions. Q-switched laser techniques cost from $100 per session and requires several sessions to completely work. A single session of PicoSure laser treatment will cost you from $300 if you can find a place to get it. The bigger the area being removed is,the higher the cost and the same goes for color. It is more expensive to remove colored pigment like green and yellow than it is to remove black.

Is Laser Removal Technique Painful

The simple answer to this is a resounding yes. The laser impact feels like someone is snapping you with a rubber band. More than that, this treatment will continue to hurt a little after you are done. However, good doctors apply an anesthetic cream hours before the process begins to numb the area or inject a local anesthetic directly on the scalp. One is advised to take some painkillers after the procedure but it heals pretty quickly.

Service Providers

Laser treatment is a very dangerous technique. Assuming you had a good provider do your scalp micropigmentation, it is good to have a qualified doctor remove it. “When performing the procedure, it’s important to let your artist gradually over the 3 sessions create density and bring down your hairline if needed. Start off conservative with your client, you can always add more and bring the hairline down on the second procedure,” Jerod Schoonmaker says, who runs Scalp Aesthetics Syracuse. People who had the procedure done wrong should not go to the same doctors to remove them. Instead they should look for professionals who are widely known to do laser removal procedures.

When it comes to laser treatments, cheap might be expensive. Ensure you choose quality and credibility over cost because a bad treatment can cost you more than money.

A family doctor is the best person to recommend a good cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist because laser should not be messed with. The chosen doctor must first test part of the scalp to know if it will react badly to laser or if it’s prone to scarring and hyper pigmentation. The doctor will also test if there are any metallic substances on the pigment because that would spark the laser and cause burns and injuries.

Although removing pigment on the scalp using laser is completely doable, it is important for one to think about it carefully. Laser can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands or can just simply react badly to your skin. If it is not really necessary to have the pigment removed immediately, you can just wait for it to fade naturally over time.

It is also important to know that laser treatment will affect at least 5 % of your hair follicles and hence reduce your chances of growing hair.