African American Men & SMP

Different skin types and scalp micropigmentation.

Balding is a condition that affects people of all races and for some reason, its effect may be more adverse on black men. The continuous recession of the hairline in your forehead lowers your self-esteem and confidence especially if you’re still a vibrant young person. The primary cause of balding is linked to genetics but other causes may include illnesses, stress and botched plastic surgery. Among black men, androgenic alopecia (a genetic condition responsible for baldness) can show its symptoms as early as at one’s twenties. The condition begins by hair thinning around the temporal areas of the scalp. The effect is usually more manifested in the frontal area of the scalp. With time, the vertex region of the scalp starts to showcase early signs of balding and this is followed by other regions of the scalp and this will eventually lead to total hair loss when the continuous recession of the hairline meets at the top of the scalp. The back of the head as well as, the lower sides will be left with thin hair.

blog-aa-men-2Why the Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments May Be Slightly Different For African Men

Scalp micropigmentation treatment is normally used to recreate the appearance of the scalp in men that are experiencing any type of balding. This type of treatment creates the appearance of real hair follicles by reducing the thinning, covering besmirching scars and recreating hairlines. This is an advanced solution for balding that creates a realistic appearance making people believe that you actually have shaven hair follicles on the scalp. This solution is great for those black men out there who normally wear a very closely cropped hairstyle. This procedure recreates the look of the real hair follicles for a fuller, natural appearance thus eliminating the effects of balding.”75 percent of my clients are african american men” Enoch Glover says, who runs Scalp Aesthetics Charlotte,” it’s amazing what the procedure does to their confidence”. Below are some of the reasons why this micropigmenation process is great for men with dark skin tones.

Nature of the Skin Tone – SMP is actually the process of tattooing the scalp to create the appearance of naturally growing hair and it’s increasingly becoming popular among balding black men. This method is good for anyone who likes maintaining an appearance of a stubble on his head. It’s the best and safest solution rather than hair transplants, a procedure that tends to be expensive and risky. This procedure creates an optical illusion works well for people of all ages and races. But research indicates that it specifically does well for African men because of the color of their scalps. Their dark skin tones and hair make this procedure the best in eliminating baldness among them. The added pigments will match the natural color of the scalp and hair follicles’ size and density creating a uniform authentic look. Men with lighter skin tones tend to require different color pigments for a more realistic look. African men naturally have thicker, cropped dark hair and hence the sharp, angular hairlines work best for them.

blog-aa-menThe Size of Pigments – African men undergoing male pattern baldness should not worry about their looks because this procedure can fully recreate their facial features and skin tone. Often, men with dark hair scalps require pigments that are darker and thicker to bring that appearance of a naturally growing hair. Professionals should ensure that the pigments do not merge together, otherwise, it will create a blotchy-looking outcome. But the best thing with scalp micropigmentation is that it’s not a permanent procedure like hair transplants, if one feels that the pigmentation process didn’t match his needs of a naturally looking hair, the procedure can be repeated with ease.

Hairline Styles – Faded hairlines are not suitable for black men but the jagged and broken ones would be the best. The primary purpose of scalp micropigmentation hair treatments is to bring that natural appearance by ensuring that the treatment becomes undetectable. It should create an illusion that eliminates any signs of balding. The pigments act as a permanent camouflaging agent. Sometimes, professionals performing scalp micropigmentation treatment on an African man find it difficult locating the line separating the actual hair follicles and pigments. This indicates how the procedure can truly address the effects of balding discretely.

Traction Alopecia – African men can actually experience hair loss in a slightly different pattern. This is the reason why traction alopecia is common among African men due to their tight hairstyles but this doesn’t really affect how treatments are to be done. However, the process of treating balding using this procedure may be a little different among African men. The size of the pigment deposits to be used on people with dark skin tones tends to be larger than those used for Caucasian men. The large dots are required so that the pigmentation process can effectively blend with the natural appearance.

SMP Imperfections – Scalp Micropigmentation procedures requires a lot of skills and keenness. Most technicians, however, have a greater margin of error because of the lack of proper technology to determine hair density and the intensity of darkness in the scalp amongst other factors that determine the color and the size of the dots to be used. In the case where the needle penetrates too deep creating very large dots or where a wrong pigment is selected, it would be hard to notice such imperfections in people with darker skin tones. When pigments discolor among black men, it would be hard for anyone to spot.

celebs-louis-rankinAre There Any Risks Involved?

Another reason why this procedure tends to favor men with darker skin tones is because of the styles. African men can comfortably select defined, chic modern hairstyles unlike men with lighter skin tones. Note that the shade of pigment used needs to be much darker. However, the use of large dots actually reduces the spacing in between thus increasing the chances of individually replicated hair follicles merging together, a condition referred to as smudging. It is, therefore, necessary to balance the correct density with correct spacing to avoid smudging.

Laser removals is a little bit risky for black men than for Caucasian men. Laser removals used to break up pigment deposits may cause hyperpigmentation in men with darker skin tones especially if the laser removal process is done improperly using the correct equipment and correct settings. Nevertheless, if the process is done with care, there will be no problems at all.

The bottom line is that the results of any scalp micropigmentation process on men with darker skin are great and far much better than hair transplants. It’s important to note that seeking professional advice is necessary before beginning any scalp micropigmentation procedures.