SMP For Women, A Good Option?

Hair loss among women can be embarrassing, see how SMP helps.

Though it is not as common in women as it is in men, hair loss and thinning is a real epidemic in today’s world. This can lead to a woman feeling inadequate and less beautiful leading her to look for solutions for this. Unfortunately, most hair loss solutions in the market today are not just expensive but harmful as well. While weaves are just tiring and expensive to buy and maintain, hair transplants also leave horrible scars on your head.

Scalp micropigmentation is a fast growing procedure mostly used by men to give an impression that one has a full head of dense hair. However, women who have thinning hair caused by emotional stress, chemotherapy, postpartum hair loss or trauma will find this procedure very helpful. Basically it entails tattooing a series of small dots between the hairs on the scalp. These dots are made to match your hair color and hence hide areas of the scalp seen due to hair loss. “The impressions need to be carried out by a trained artists who has experience with scalp micropigmentation directly”, says Eddie Lopez at Scalp Aesthetics Denver, CO,”we use a specialized machine, ink and needle to give the perfect and natural results.”


Scalp Micropigmentation in women works with two options;

Bald Head- the reason this procedure is great for men is because they can shave their head and look like they have a full head of shaved hair. This is because hair has three dimensions while the dark paint tattooed has only two. However, if one shaves the hair completely it becomes two dimensioned and matches the ink perfecting the illusion. This trend is becoming continually acceptable among women as many celebs are shaving their heads and still looking as hot as ever. Women of a certain advanced age will also find shaving easier because their age allows.
blog-women-beforeLong Hair- if shaving your thinning hair is not an option, a woman can still have scalp micro pigmentation and keep their hair long. However this mostly works for women who only have minor thinning. The tattooed dots will bridge the contrast between hair and scalp and the long hair will hide the spaces.

It is also great if a woman only has thinning hair in the middle of the head or at the back. The pigment will work to make the hair illusion while the hair in front covers the area.

Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

Cost- most hair loss solutions available for women out there are incredibly expensive. Fortunately most women can afford this intricate procedure that will cause tremendous improvement. More than that it is viable for every woman and no one is unfit for the procedure.

Comfort- hair transplant and weaves not for everyone. Having an invasive procedure on your head to return hair can be very uncomfortable and scary on that day and later also. Weaves and wigs on the other hand while safe are heavy, itchy and make your head feel hot all the time. This process not only works and makes you appear as if you have a beautiful full head of hair but it’s also safe, minimally invasive and comfortable.

Consistently effective- unlike most temporary hair loss solutions, this procedure is permanent. It will continue to serve you as long as you want it to without going to maintain it regularly.

Looks natural- the pigment applied on the scalp looks exactly like the color of your hair. Unless someone gets really close to your hair, it is very hard for people to know you have done something. It gives a nice natural look that will not attract questions and criticism from friends and family. Most people think it’s absurd to worry about hair loss unless they go through it. With this procedure, no one will ever find out you solved our thinning hair problem.

blog-women-afterImmediate results- things pertaining ones appearance are usually urgent. This process enables a woman to have a full head of hair in a matter of minutes even though it’s just an illusion. They don’t have to wait for hair to grow like in hair transplant.

No downside- it is incredibly nice that there are no side effects to getting pigment on your scalp. The fact that it will remain on your head forever in case you need it in future is a real plus and it will not prevent your hair from growing back. Unlike other hair loss solutions that come with a handful of side effects, you can rest easy for the rest of your life with no fear.

Maintenance free- whether you have surgery or hair extensions, you must have a maintenance routine to keep the hair looking good and undamaged. No maintenance is required after this procedure and nothing will happen to the pigment no matter what.

Scalp micropigmentation is the most effective hair thinning solution for women. Not only does it improve one’s appearance but also returns their self confidence and self-esteem. It is mostly effective in women who have dark hair as blonde hair will not match the pigment. Though one treatment gives incredible improvement to a balding head, a woman is required to go for two or three visits to get the full effect.

Service Providers
There are a lot of people out there claiming to do scalp micropigmentation. However, because this is a permanent procedure that will alter your looks, one must be careful about who does theirs. One must look for a provider who specializes first in women treatment and secondly in long or short hair procedure. Someone who claims to do it might not be the best fit because this is a very intricate procedure.

Referrals from friends might be one of the best methods to choose a provider of this addition; every extra ordinary specialist has a reputation and a name that precedes them. Looking for these names is the way to go because they became famous for a reason. Big brands might be expensive but at the end of the day it is safer and you will not regret.

The thing about hair loss with women is that in most cases it will grow back. While a woman is waiting for that to happen, they can have tiny dots acting as hair in the meanwhile. If that doesn’t happen, the pigment dots will continue to serve you as long as you want.

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