Age brings with it, many complications. In men, hair loss is almost as inevitable as the premise of mortality. Fortunately, technology is bequeathing humanity with corrective procedures to counter such loses. Scalp micropigmentation is an advanced cosmetic pigmentation method comparable to having a tattoo. Experts use tiny needles to darken the scalp with colored pigmentation. The entire process employs a highly accurate special computer manipulated system. This accuracy helps ensure you receive flawless results characterized by consistent coloration across the forehead. Of importance, is to note that this process is extremely intricate and leads to permanent results.
As an attractive hair loss treatment or management option, many people including celebrities find scalp micropigmentation a better intervention. Granted, the concept of the celebrity is still a mirage. While a lot many people admit to following these individuals’ every move, a section of the population on the other hand, loathe their lifestyles. That notwithstanding, the news of more and more celebrities embracing scalp micropigmentation, is a seal of approval for the procedure and an inspiration of confidence to average people.

However, a section of the industry bears a contradicting opinion regarding celebrities embracing the practice. To this lot of practitioners, the kind of publicity that celebrities introduce, is exactly what many men the world over, would rather avoid. This is ironic considering that many of these men, discovered the said procedure via adverts plastered on TV and glossy magazines as well as news coverages run on various media forms.

So, just how many celebrities have undergone scalp micropigmentation?

Being a relatively new correctional’ procedure for hair loss, there only are a few medium level celebrities with confessions. This however, is the progress trend with anything new. Soon, magazines, news and show business websites and other forms of media, will be awash with news of more individuals with successful scalp micropigmentation procedures. The notable personal confessions come from Quinton Fortune, Benedict Garrett, Louis Rankin, Ricky Bel, Damon Elliott, Giovanni, Lovari, Ralph Tresvant and Nicky Jam among a few others.

celebs-qunitinQuinton Fortune

Born in 1977, Fortune had an illustrious soccer career that saw him play for the best teams in European soccer powerhouses England and Spain. The former South African star that turned for Manchester United FC had his scalp micropigmentation procedure in London in September 2009, slightly over a decade after winning the coveted Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League with his Manchester United teammates. Fortune had the help of a renowned stylist Daniel Johnson when undergoing the procedure. Daniel too, is a beneficiary of smp.


The actor and director known for his performances in hit pictures such as Salt, Violent Tendencies and Shore Thing, underwent the procedure at a New York boutique scalp micropigmentation provider. Born in Queens, Greater New York, Lovari studied music therapy in Queensborough College after a stint in Bayside High School. His success in show business also came with the tragedy of hair loss. The artiste battled this condition for about five years before resorting to the New York practice for the procedure.

celebs-nicky-jamNicky Jam

Nicky Jam probably is the biggest name in Latino music now. He has a record of accomplishment that stretches back some twenty years. The musician successfully built an image as the figurehead of the Central American Reggaeton genre. Aside from his own exploits as a solo artist, Nicky Jam has a number of successful collaborations involving him and other accomplished showbiz personalities such as Enrique Iglesias, Daddy Yankee and Pitbull. Nicky Jam battled hair loss for about five years before seeking intervention. He underwent his scalp micropigmentation in early 2016.

celebs-ralph-tresvantRalph Tresvant

Born on May 16, 1968, in Boston, Massachusetts, Ralph Tresvant was one of the lead singers of the popular five-member boy band New Edition, which was formed in 1978. The group went on to have several successful singles during the 1980s, including “Candy Girl,” “Cool It Now” and “Mr. Telephone Man,” becoming teen pop idols in the process. Tresvant was initially hesitant about a solo career, but after other members of the band garnered solo success, he did as well. His debut solo album, Sensitivity, launched the hit singles “Do What I Gotta Do,” “Stone Cold Gentleman” and the title song.

celebs-rickiRicky Bell

Ricky Bell, the singer/song writer with Bel Biv Devoe found Scalp Aesthetics through his good friend Jamie Fox and barber Benny Blades. He actually had a barber for the past 10 years follow him on tour to spray hair loss concealer in his hair before concerts to make sure his balding was disguised. It was a constant up keep to make sure his balding wasn’t exposed due to being in the spotlight and keeping up a good appearance. When we spoke to Ricky, he would say how the product beijing and other hair loss concealers, he used would actually sting his scalp and was very uncomfortable under the hot lights on stage. He was always scared it would drip down his forehead and thought there had to be a way to make it a more permanent process. He went to hair transplant doctors but just didn’t want to deal the the hair transplant scars after seeing other celebrity friends deal with the aftermath.


The Latin singing sensation became popular after collaborating with Marc Antony on a song he dedicated to J-Lo. He also is one of the beneficiaries of scalp micropigmentation. The Venezuelan pop sensation emerged into the limelight after his breathtakingly superior performance in Quiero Ser Estrella’, Venezuelan version of I Want to Be a Star’ variety series. He went professional at the tender age of 13 following an album he recorded after his appearance in the variety. Giovanni has battled hair loss for a while and is now happy with the results of his SMP procedure. Giovanni got the services from the same boutique provider who did Lovari’s procedure.

celebs-damonDamon Elliot

Damon may not be very popular but his mother, Dionne Warwick is. Damon, who is one of the two surviving sons of the Grammy Award winning artiste, and an accomplished musician in his own right, has battled hair loss for a while. Also known by his stage name Buck 22, the 43-year-old hip-hop producer and rapper mostly used hats to hide his baldness. He has his SMP procedure in early 2016.

celebs-george-farahGeorge Farah

Also known as, the Pro Maker, George is a celebrated bodybuilding trainer. The star sought scalp micropigmentation to counter his receding hairline. Apparently, no amount of exercise was adequate in countering this phenomenon.

celebs-louis-rankinLouis Rankin

Louis Ranking is only 31. The former running back for Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks set impressive records during his short but stellar amateur and professional career. In High School, Louis rushed for a whopping 2,245 yards and some 41 touchdowns, setting the new school record in the process. Like other recipients of SMP, Louis battled hair loss for about four years before undergoing the procedure in 2014.

Who is the perfect candidate for a scalp micropigmentation procedure?

“It’s so amazing seeing people in the spotlight who feel the way we felt when we were balding. I love hearing their stories of how they concealed their balding in the media, on stage and how creative they were. It’s surreal seeing them back in action in front of the camera after I was the one to give them their confidence back”, Joe Taylor says who is the Master Trainer for Scalp Aesthetics and does procedures out of Scottsdale, AZ. He has done most of the celebrities in the industry and has a long list of new celebrites on the way.

Anybody battling hair loss or receding hair loss should is an appropriate candidate for a scalp micropigmentation procedure. This bracket includes individuals with on-going hair loss. The methods employed in a normal scalp micropigmentation procedure blends the remaining natural hair with receding intensity thus considerably reducing future hair-loss.

Individuals with scars borne from hair transplants can also use scalp micropigmentation to camouflage such. The concealing nature of scalp micropigmentation allows you to wear your hair as short as you prefer despite the scars.

Individuals with receding hairlines or other instances of hair loss can now look forward to undergoing scalp micropigmentation procedures with the confidence that the procedures will restore their former looks. Moreover, people opting for the procedure need not worry about the growing publicity or awareness, because it is hardly possible to identify someone who underwent the procedure based on their shaven looks.