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Hair loss is a condition which not only worries the person who is affected but it is also traumatizing. A healthy individual has around one hundred and fifty thousand strands of hair on the head with two thousand strands of hair per square inch. This number remains somehow consistent through the entire lifetime of an […]

Hair loss is a condition which not only worries the person who is affected but it is also traumatizing. A healthy individual has around one hundred and fifty thousand strands of hair on the head with two thousand strands of hair per square inch. This number remains somehow consistent through the entire lifetime of an individual. However, hair loss, due to thinning, or damage to the hair can occur as a result of hereditary factors or when your hair is exposed to pollutants. Hair loss is considered normal if it is between fifty to a hundred hair loss every day, as this is required for the natural regeneration of hair. However, If it is more than one hundred strands per day, it is considered to be a serious condition which should raise some alarm as this will lead to a noticeable hair density reduction which makes your hair unattractive.

People with severe hair loss have low self-esteem and are ashamed of showing off their hair. In most case, men with bald head choose to shave their hair completely to make the bald unnoticeable. On the other hand, female with thin hair gives them a total headache. The beauty of a woman lies from the neck upwards. Hair is the glory of a lady and woman with fewer hairs looks unattractive. This is why women with less hair may choose to tie a scarf on their head or put on artificial wigs which may cost them a lot of money.

ss-faqsNatural treatment methods

For long, people have believed in natural products to treat their problems. There are several natural ways of treating hair loss such as aloe vera, fenugreek, and many more products. Sadly, most of these methods do not provide an efficient solution to hair loss. Most of them may take too long to be effective hence making the patient give up on the way.

The alternatives

Instead of struggling to make your hair grow, there is an easy and quick cosmetic choice which makes it look like you have a head full of hair follicles.

If you have been suffering from hair loss, worry no more because a solution is here for you. It is none other than scalp micropigmentation. I don’t think this is new to you. You must have heard of it somewhere. This article will provide you with all the information you may want to know about scalp micropigmentation. You will never have to suffer from baldness, hair thinning and hair loss.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is not a new treatment for hair loss as it has been there since the 1990s. However, it has gained some concern and recognition in the last few years. It is also referred to as Medical Hairline Tattoo, SMP, scalp tattoo, hair micro pigmentation treatment and Medical Hairline Restoration.

However, the treatment is the same regardless of the name used. The treatment is ultimately non-surgical to both male and female. It provides a life-changing solution to both men and female with hair loss problem. It consists of a sharp tattoo needle with natural pigments which are of the same size and shape of the hair follicle. The pigment is therefore implanted to the epidermal level of your scalp making them appear like natural hair. As earlier on said, the scalp contains about two thousand hair strands per square inch and therefore the person tattooing you must make sure that he implants thousands of microdots to make your scalp look as if it is freshly shaved or seem like a buzz cut.

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The pigmentation depends on the extent to which your hair has lost and how you desire your scalp to appear. This method is regarded to be the best treatment for hair loss. It usually gives you a very natural look and is a much safer option of having your hair restored than other methods such as hair transplantation, toupee, hair plugs or hair wigs. You will not be left scared about taking a long time to heal as it only takes a few days and you are back to your normal life.

This method is the word’s best and safest way to have your hair restored since it uses natural pigmentation which has no adverse effects to your scalp. You should choose a qualified practitioner so as to have your hair be safely recovered.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a hair restoration treatment which is suitable for every person with all stages and types of hair loss, on all skin types and colors and all ages.

The follicles which are added during the process of micropigmentation usually take place in three sessions each session taking about three to four hours at an interval of one week in between the sessions. This process usually leads to a gradual and subtle infill or rejuvenation of the hairline which can hardly be noticed by even a close family or friend.

What does scalp micropigmentaion do?

This treatment will:

  • Give you a youthful look with a full head of cropped hair.
  • Simulate a side and full-front hairline.
  • Restore hairlines for people who are entirely or partly bald.
  • Eliminate permanently the symptoms of any level of alopecia
  • Eliminate your fears of pain caused by hair transplant surgery.
  • Hide burns, scars, and birthmarks
  • Restore all kind of hair loss.

How it is done


The procedure of doing scalp micropmentation is very simple. It is similar to the process of getting a tattoo. During the process, there is a cartridge with three thin needles is used to enter the upper layer of your skin (dermal skin layer) and apply a natural pigment to the scalp which is aimed at the treatment of the hair loss. This procedure is repeated for several times to make as many hair follicles as possible so as to give an illusion of a full haired head.

This method makes a person looking closely at you think that they are looking at strong dominant hair follicles! I know, this sounds too good to be true!

As earlier on said, the procedure consists of three to four sessions. Here is a step by step procedure for the four visits:

1. You will first go for a consultation appointment. In this step, you will meet with your practitioner and explain to him/her the results that you want to achieve from the scalp micropigmentation. The practitioner will then take an action plan and find out what is needed to get the best results the client want.

2. The treatment begins in the second step. The practitioner will start the first treatment through applying the specialized pigment to the scalp using a thin needle. At first, your scalp may look a little bit red, but it goes back to normal after one day.

3. The second treatment takes place, and the practitioner will fill in more follicles to your scalp and shade darker follicles from the first treatment. The patient is allowed to ask any question or request on what he/she needs to be done.

4. Sometimes, a third treatment may take place. This is not done all the time. This is done if the patient requests to have darker hair.

Scalp micropigmentation is not a treatment for people with hair loss alone. It is also done to cover scars, due to hair thinning, effects of alopecia and other unsightly conditions. It makes the head have an evenly spread hair which is perfect for most men. Women can also use this procedure to make their hair appear denser. Pigment spacing is usually determined by imitating the natural hair follicles, and the practitioner won’t rest until the client is satisfied with the pigmentation.

blog-hairlines-2So it is like getting a tattoo?

Not really. There is a big difference between traditional tattoos and scalp micropigmentation. Tattoos are done using a much heavier needles and the ink is deeply injected to the skin. Also, the ink which is used in treating scalp is very different from the one used in traditional tattoos as it remain dark. The one used for traditional tattoos may fade to blue with time. The equipment and ink used in this procedure is specifically crafted for it and it is not a mere modification of the equipment used in traditional tattoos

Is it customized?

Yes the procedure is customized as every person has a very unique hair color, texture, and hairline. For the treatment to look more convincing, great care should be taken as the artist follows the hair patterns which are close to the original hair pattern.

Safety concerns

Scalp micropigmentation is a new treatment, but it doesn’t involve any invasive procedures. This treatment has been proved to be very safe. However, you should make sure that the treatment is done in a clean and hygienic environment and done by a highly qualified professional.

As earlier on said, this treatment has been there since the 1990s, but it has gained recognition in the recent years. It is mostly used by celebrities who desire to enhance their appearance in the eyes of the public. When this procedure first came about, it was very visibly awkward and clumsy. However, in the past five to seven years, it has taken the whole world by a storm especially with the Scalp Aesthetics treatment center who has qualified professionals who will make you look beautiful worldwide.

The needles used nowadays are of the right size and shape mimicking a hair follicle hence making your hair look real. The pigments used at these centers do not turn green or blue. They usually remain dark.

If you have your treatment done by a good and reputable clinic, you will absolutely be safe. The procedure also requires no use of any drugs as it is not surgical. It will not leave any scar on the skin, and it gives a perfect illusion of your head being full of dark and thick lovely hair follicles. Another great thing about this treatment is that the results are immediate. You will not have to wait for the hair to grow thick as it is with many products. You will get the results instantly.

Why would I want this treatment?

Any man or woman can suffer from hair loss, balding and hair thinning. The effects of such conditions are irritating and can lower one’s self-esteem. So many people feel embarrassed about having bald spots, thinning hair, and other forms of hair loss and they have wandered everywhere looking for a solution some of which usually worsen the situation. You should learn to embrace your baldness, but you do not have to live with it forever. Anyone suffering from these conditions needs this treatment more than anything. Don’t think that your problem cannot be solved. Other people are scared of hair transplant surgeries as there may be some consequences attached. Scalp micropigmentation will provide a better solution to hair loss with no side effects as the process is very secure as it uses natural pigments. Patients who have gone through the treatment gain a new amazing look and their self-esteem is increased.

What about Men and Women who have Thinning Hair?

Scalp Micropigmentation is ideal for both men and women of any skin color, any age, skin type and it works perfectly at any stage of the baldness. Many men and women have a problem of thinning hair at the top or a crown area at the scalp. This is common to older people of sixty years old and above. This procedure will increase the density of the hair by camouflaging the scalp with the thousands of the microdots which are added to the scalp. The treatment gives you an appearance of a completely full head of hair making you to look more younger than you are.

ss-blog-scarsWhat about those with Scalp Scars?

The same procedure of scalp micropigmentation can be used to treat scars that are on the scalp. Such scars can be caused by hair transplant, and the treatment will help to increase the density of hair to the area with a scar. This hair treatment will help, whether you are bald or you have a scar.

Does having a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment hurt?

You should understand that the needles which are used in this procedure are not similar to the ones used for tattooing. This procedure is not painful at all, and most clients say that they only feel as if several mosquitos are biting them. Most of the clinics usually use numbing creams so as to numb the scalp to make the procedure painless and reduce irritation from the treatment.

Types of scalp micropigmentations.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Crown Balding

Crown balding is a very common condition of hair thinning and balding. This condition usually makes the patient look much older than really he is. It often affects one’s self-esteem. Having a scalp micropigmentation treatment will eliminate the appearance of the crown and give you a new wonderful look. The hairlines will be restored, and you will be able to walk with your peers.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Hairline Receding

Balding is very common to men in general, but there is no agreement on which type of bald look bad, is it receding or crown bald? No bald is better than other since bald is a nuisance, and it interferes with the good looks of a person. With Scalp Micropigmentation , you will not need to justify any kind of baldness. The debate is over here. This is because regardless of the extent of the bald, the treatment will leave you with a thick, strong, cropped and very attractive hairline.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Complete or Near Complete Hair Loss

Some people have suffered complete hair loss due to different conditions. It doesn’t matter how extent your hair is lost. With this treatment, you will get back what is yours. It provides the client with a solution of hair loss hence restoration of self-esteem. After this, you will hear people saing that you a sudden hair gain. The illusion is too real to doubt it.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Alopecia

There are so many alopecia sufferers who would like to have their hairline restored. Alopecia varies from massive to severe from one individual to the other. However, the treatment will allow you to regain back your self-esteem and be proud of yourself.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

Women also are victims of hair loss due to thinning of the hair. Almost five percent of women suffer from hair loss. The same treatment done to men can also be done to women who want to keep either long or short hair. Even in long hair, the pigmentation will be less visible like it in for bare scalp.

Scalp Micropigmentation for diffused hair loss

Diffuse hair loss is a condition affecting both men and females. It is usually caused by interruption of the normal hair cycle such as stress, endocrine imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. This can lead to a stress moment for both men and women. This treatment is very effective for patients suffering from diffused hair loss and it restores their confidence a great deal.

Skin color and skin Type

Scalp Micropigmentation is usually suitable for any skin color and skin type whether white, Latino, Asian, Afro-Caribbean, and mixed race. If you go to the right practitioners, they will use the latest technology to match your follicles size and color so as make your hair look fresh and natural.

Scalp Micropigmentation Revision and Reversal

As people grow old, they tend to change their opinion on the best appearance of their hairlines and hair. Taking into to consideration this, many SMP service providers have developed ways to give their clients a completely new look, color, and shape, or even to tweak the hair so as to fit the new trends and fashions.

Some changes which can be done include raising the hairline so as to create a certain order, changing the hairline position, more receded look, an addition of sideburns to make you more handsome, changing the hairline shape, changing the side hair shape and many more. These changes depend on the desires of the client.

Although these changes are rarely asked by customers, they are very possible and anyone can ask for a complete reversal of the hairlines. These revisions are usually done using a special laser application. The pigment goes less deep to the skin than a tattoo and therefore, the laser removal is a painless process which is much more straightforward, and it requires only one to two sessions

How much does the treatment Cost?

Prices for scalp micropigmentation usually varies depending on the type of treatment you want and work done to restore your hairline. The price usually ranges between $750 to $5000 to cover the cost incurred in restoring the hairline. It is advisable to visit the office of the technician who is going to carry out the treatment for consultation of any fee charged for the treatment. Consultations are free but they are usually limited to time.

You should visit the office after you are prepared with questions about the artist who will carry out the treatment. The technician should be able to give you some accurate quote on the procedure and answer all your questions.


It is advisable to go to a highly reputable SMP service provider, who is well skilled and with enough experience, techniques and certificates from the authority of the industry and not a mere tattoo parlor or a permanent makeup artist. “You need to really do your research”, Jerod Schoonmaker who runs Scalp Aesthetics Syracuse,”I’ve seen people get really bad jobs going to an untrained provider”.

They usually use three to four shades of the pigmentation so as to make a realistic finish that gives you a younger look hence making you more confident. If you are a celebrity such as a musician, model or a movie star, you will have more confidence leading to improvement in your career.

Now, the decision is all yours. But why let yourself suffer? Make up your mind today and have a scalp micropmigmentation to treat your hair loss condition. This is a real treatment that completely solves the problem of hair loss.

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