The world of scalp micropigmentation provides an opportunity like never before for balding men to do something about their hair loss, using a service that is safe, effective and permanent. For the desired outcome to be achievable, selecting the right clinic and technician is of critical importance. The explosive growth of the scalp micropigmentation industry around the world has led a number of new providers to offer their own scalp micropigmentation service, and unfortunately in this still-unregulated marketplace, standards cannot always be assured.

An effective illusion of hair requires the following:

  • A highly skilled and experienced technician
  • Knowledge of your specific requirements
  • A treatment plan geared toward the creation of a natural appearance
  • Use of suitable pigments that will not spread or discolor
  • A machine and needle that is suitable for the SMP process

At Scalp Search, we are here to help you find the right place to have your scalp micropigmentation procedure. As an independent company, we are free to recommend whichever clinic we believe best suits your needs, based on your location, budget and requirements.

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